Vote Kumi Wickramasinghe for Roseville City School Board on November 3rd, 2020!

‍         I believe very strongly that all people are born equal, irrespective of where they were born,
their gender, beliefs, values, or the color of their skin. Here in the United States of America, this belief is guaranteed by our Constitution. I believe that our aim as adults should not only be to educate children to achieve academic success, but also to become strong, empathetic, law abiding and responsible members of society. As a teacher, this is and has always been my primary goal. I believe that a teacher plays a vital role in a child’s life.
I believe that as a society we must strive to make available all needed services for children with both special needs and atypical developmental needs, in order for them to succeed.  I believe that all children must have equal access to a good education and equal opportunities for growth and success.
List of endorsements or Endorsed by: 

“As an educator of 38 years, I deeply understand the value of board members who have both the education and actual classroom experience as a backdrop to the decisions they help implement in the schools they serve. Mrs. Kumi has both. There is no better candidate for your board of education.”  
- Kathy Hanson, Retired Educator. 

“Mrs. Kumi brings a wealth of knowledge andexperience about and in education and would be the most qualified School BoardMember to bless Roseville in some time.”
- Dr. Curtis Lee Borton, PhD Education, Educator.

“Mrs. Kumi fostered a love of learning in my early years that has stuck with me through the years, so much so I became an educator myself! Anyone would be lucky to have Kumi involved in their education.” 
- Lisa Lawson, Educator.

“Mrs. Kumi is an outstanding and widely recognized educator. She has an open heart and mind and wholeheartedly understands child centered education. Kumi has a gift for communication and motivating children from all ethnicities…”
Amanda Geissberger, Educator.

“Mrs. Kumi taught my daughter in preschool. She stands up for what is best for supporting children, families, and teachers. I've been teaching for almost 20 years, and I would love to see her on the Roseville City School board and I fully support her.” 
- Kim Lassila, Educator.

“Mrs. Kumi is best for kids and families, she will fight for you, you would do yourself and your community a favor by voting for her.”  
- Megan Waybright, MSW family Counselor

“Mrs. Kumi’s lifetime efforts and commitment being an educator and advocate for kids' education is a tremendous asset to any community.”
- Ilesh and Grishma Patel, IT Engineers
“ Kumi will be a huge asset tothe Roseville City School Board!
- Debi Biggers, Grandma of four of Kumi’s students
“Mrs. Kumi is an excellent teacher. In my own pursuit to become a college educator, I only hope to continue following the footsteps of my teacher, Mrs. Kumi.”
- Aarya Venket PhD candidate & past student. 

The Sacramento Sierra Building Trades Union Laborers Local 185 Union

Union Laborers Local 185 Union

Rita Gill, Family Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Gina Garbolino, Former Mayor of Roseville, Roseville City Council Member

For almost 40 years, parents have trusted me with the care and education of their children. I own and teach at Kumi’s Montessori, run workshops for Placer County Office of Education, and mentor Sierra College Early Childhood Education students. I hold a Montessori Education AMI Diploma, Early Childhood Education AA degree from Sierra College, and Child Development BA and MA from Sacramento State. I also have personal experience with Roseville schools: my children benefited from their education here, and my grandchildren attend Cirby and Spanger schools in Roseville.

I am grateful to the Roseville community for guidance, inspiration, and opportunities that led to our success. In 1981, my family came to Roseville from Sri Lanka looking for freedom and dreaming of a better life for my family. This community welcomed us and embraced my family. The hundreds of children who I taught have built strong foundations for their lives and are gainfully employed throughout Placer County and beyond. I cannot think of a better way to show my appreciation and gratitude than to use my education, experience, and expertise as an educator to serve as a member of the Roseville City School District Board.

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